£300 Additional SURCHARGE to be added and refunded once old unit returned The engine is fully dismantled first to see what exactly we are working with We then put all parts including the block into a high pressure cylindrical wash at high temperature with cleansing chemicals this removes all carbon deposits and debris. The Cylinder Block is re-honed and re-bored and if needed resleeved Four New Pistons and Piston Rings are then Inserted into the block Connecting Rods are checked and if needed replaced The Crankshaft is then regrinded using Baileigh Precision Lathe and inserted After this the main and big end bearing shells are replaced A Brand New Oil pump is then fitted. Cylinder Head is skimmed down using a state of the art Hesse by Durma skimmer and checked for wear, pressure tested for cracks and then face machined after that the cylinderhead is doublecheck Valves and guides are then checked for wear. After this valve seats are machined. Refaced valves are re cut, new stem seals are fitted and the head then vacuum tested.From there we refit the rocker arm and followers. The engine is then reassembled again where the Timing chain kit and Timing cover are put back on and the Seals are put in place We do not cover Labour charges. If engine is faulty will offer replacement Office Hours - 9am to 5pm . Monday to Friday

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